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MattHello there.

I suppose I need to have one of these pages – here goes.

I had written some right pretentious shit here - you know, like you get on similar websites - but I've deleted it. Carry on ...

I live in tee shirts. As tee shirts included in race entries become more infrequent the tees that do ‘reflect my persona’ are each becoming increasingly threadbare.

There are some great surf/skate brands out there producing some great styles.

But these don’t define me. Even though I live in the surf capital of the UK I’d feel like a fraud wearing it. I’m a mountain biker. Great looking, MTB-specific clothing (other than technical) eludes me.

We have a choice each morning as to what to wear. Neither mood nor weather affects the constant want to wear a tee shirt that communicates who I am, what I’m into or what I’d rather be doing right now.

As a designer with the means, along with the reasons above, it was time to kick-off

I made Crankburner a reality for Will Proctor’s ‘Cardinham 8 hour MTB Enduro’, Janurary 23rd 2016. Will’s event was an 8 hour MTB marathon of laps around Cardinham Trail centre. I produced a free tee shirt for each entrant, mens or ladies cut.

I designed a dead dear on wheels named ‘Dave’. Dialled-in Dave being the name of a section of track that we were to ride during the Cardinham Woods event.

These tee’s were very popular and I moved forward with selling online until Steve Harris opened a bike shop in Bodmin the following June. Steve stocks Crankburner clothing in his shop named ‘CRANKED BIKES’. Yup… similar name but no relation – apart from Steve being a mate. This certainly causes confusion, but it’s not the end of the world.

I’ve had amazing support from the local mountain biking community. Whilst my web work currently keeps me from spending as much time on Crankburner as I’d like, I’m really excited at the thought of continuing to make my sketches a reality.

I hope you like what you find here. Let me know what you think.

Thanks a lot for visiting.

CRANKBURNER Clothing Company

Oh yes.

Thanks to Steve at CRNKD Bikes shop in Bodmin, Cornwall for stocking my gear.

Thanks to Simon Miller (photographer, CottonBurner organiser and unofficial Crankburner advocate!) for the fantastic photos.