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Cardinham 8 Hour Enduro

Matthew Parsons

Posted on March 02 2016

The first 'Cardinham 8 hour Enduro', Cardinham Woods Trail Centre near Bodmin, Cornwall - The most laid back event ever!

Will Proctor fancied organising a low-key event for frolics and to raise some money for a local charity. He put the feelers out via a post to his local MTB Facebook group and had his arm bitten off. He had to do it now!

With a date set for the end of January the 30 entries were snapped up in not much over 24 hours. The simple "as many laps as you can in 8 hours" challenge was obviously popular.

With support from a few pals with the usual admin, entries and entrant give always Will had it nailed.

Everyone seemed relaxed and excited at registration and were amazed to receive a free tee shirt from Crankburner.

Crankburner created a limited edition, bespoke design specifically for the event. It starred Dialled-in-Dave (the elusive dead deer on wheels some have said to have seen in these woods, and whose name has been given to one of the trail sections).

Dialled-in-Dave tee shirt by CrankburnerGO! After a few photos Will lead us out to start our first climb.

The weather was certainly on our side for most of the day. The trails were as predictable as ever and we could relax into our own rhythms and concentrate on eating and self preservation.

Well the weather did turn mid afternoon and this definitely made a difference to some. I remember I couldn’t generate enough energy to keep warm, and even though I had the time to squeeze another lap in before the 5pm deadline, I didn’t have it in me to go again. Maybe I would have if I'd realised where I was in the race :)

Ned Kelly blistered around a penultimate lap to cross the line before the 4:20pm cut-off (for last lap) in order that he could go for another lap. He did this with seconds to spare but this then gave him a fairly challenging last lap time to beat in order for it to be counted. Well he did and again squeezed across the line by 5pm. That was a fantastic injection of energy to find after our long day in the saddle.

I'm sure there were many trials and tribulations for my fellow riders, both racers and roaming course marshals, but I know everyone had a great time. There was a lot of calm satisfaction as we chilled in the Woods Café afterwards. Dave at the café kindly opened late for us and put on a stew, brew and cake!

Allan Orton scored the win on the day, with 11 laps, Vin Cox came 2nd and Ned Kelly 3rd. It must be noted that Christian Thomas managed 10 laps as a roaming marshal! He'll be on a compulsory entry for next time!

Fantastic job by Will and Kate Proctor for organising the brilliant event that raised so much money for F.L.E.E.T. charity.

Cardinham Woods 8 Hour Enduro MTB race 2016I'm sure everyone is looking forward to details of Will's next event due in the Summer. Crankburner will definitely be there to help!

Romeo done!


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